Building the Future of Lifecare

GI VITA collects and analyzes client's lifelog data

to provide personalized healthcare solutions

to improve people's quality of life.


GI VITA believes a small habit can create a big difference.

GI VITA is health data analytics company that provides data-driven solutions to build healthy habits.

GI VITA Stories

Beyond Medicine,

GI Vita

We have developed the solution that empowers users to build healthy habits by simple and fun missions, and various rewards.


We provide data-driven healthcare solutions

enabling the true self-care health management.

I have been practiced medicine for over 30 years taking care of my patients's health and lives, but I realized that medicine cannot build good and healthy habits for patients. TheVita is health data analytics company that provides tailored data-driven solution for users by collecting and analyzing their medical, genetic, and lifelog data. Lifelog data means a comprehensive dataset of one's daily activities. We collect and analyze users' lifelog data that includes various activities, such as sleep records, weight changes, and walking distance. With those lifelog data, we provide data-driven solutions for users to build healty habits.


Your wearable devices
automatically captures your


You can build good and
healthy habits with our fun
missions and group
challenges and various


Only you have the exclusive
ownership for your data

GI VITA Lifelogs

We analyze how much you excecise based on your daily walking distance.

Team Spirit

GI Vita focuses on users lifelog data

We are a health data analytics company that strives to discover the new value from users lifelog data. All of our team are striving to become the best in the field. GI Vita and our employees are growing together with our common goal.